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Babcock Power, Inc.

Babcock Power Environmental
NOx Control Systems
Mercury Control
SOx Removal Control Systems

Babcock Power Services.
Babcock Power Services Inc., a subsidiary of Babcock Power Inc., is a leading supplier of technology, equipment and engineering services for upgrading and maintaining fossil-fired steam generating plants. BPS draws upon the strengths of a group of industry-recognized companies, including OEM Riley Power Inc., Boiler Tube Company of America and TEi Construction Services, Inc.

Riley Power, Inc.
Natural Circulation Steam Generators
Replacement Parts
Low NOx Burners
Replacement Pressure Parts

Boiler Tube Company of America
Fabricate all replacement pressure part components including superheaters, waterwall panels, reheaters and economizers (Including 'H' Fin economizers, originally developed by Green Economizers, formerly E.Green & Son Ltd.) guaranteeing all components to fit and perform properly. Also perform in shop weld overlay of boiler tubes and design and fabricate Imtec access doors for Boiler, SCR, Precipitator and Bag House.

Thermal Engineering International (TEi)
Feedwater Heaters
Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers
Condensers ­ New Installation, Modular Replacements, Retubing
Struthers-Wells products

TEi Construction Services, Inc.
Installation and repair of steam generators and associated equipment including air heaters, ductwork, insulation & lagging, boilers, burners, baghouses, precipitators, condensers, feedwater heaters, etc.

Vogt Aftermarket
Engineering and aftermarket services for all HRSGs including Engineering and Project Management Services, Field Services, Retrofit Capabilities, Replacement Parts

H&S Tool, Inc.
Sale and Rental of Tube and Pipe
Machining, Cutting, Expanding and Flange
Facing Tools.

Complete Advanced Maintenance Co.
Electrical Equipment Repairs, on site Testing, Overhauls and Parts. Reconditioned Equipment.

Hayden Industrial Products
Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

Paragon Airheater Technologies
High-performance seals, basketed element and replacement parts for Ljungström and Rothemühle regenerative airheaters and inspection and installation services

Ovivo USA
Boiler Feed Water Treatment, Intake Equipment, Cooling Water Treatment, Filtration, Condensate Polishing, Condenser/Cooling Water Optimization, FGD Wastewater Treatment

Aether dbs
Fuel Gas Conditioning and SCR Ammonia Systems

South-Tek Systems
Nitrogen generating systems for Boiler Wet-Layup protection

Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

Climax Portable Machine Tools
Sale and Rental of the safest, highest quality and most advanced Portable Machine Tools and Auto Bore Welding Systems

Amertech Tower Service
New Cooling Towers, Parts Supply, Repairs and Maintenance

Gaeta Power Services
Lubrication, Varnish Mitigation, Filtration Solutions. Monitor, Control and Enhance your oil. Never change your oil again.

Innovative Tensioners to enhance safety, accuracy and productivity